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Subjects: Behavioural Change, Education Consultant, PSHE, PSHE Mentoring, RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, sex education ...
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Poole, United Kingdom
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We provide consultancy, advice and training to all members of school communities from senior leaders and teachers to parents and pastoral workers.

Services range from curriculum development and designing new teaching resources to leading training. Our team specialisms are wide-ranging but our focus is improving learning and achievement by enabling emotional literacy and resilience as well as through supporting ever-improving teaching. PSHEE (including hug and Relationship Education, and Drugs/Alcohol Education) and RE are our curriculum focus areas but we support schools with positive behaviour management, anti-bullying, parenting, whole school project management and curriculum development.

Our expertise spans the age phases from Early Years to sixth form and adult education.
We run the Well-Being and Health for Learning Programme helping schools to enhance the well-being of certain aspects of the community/curriculum at a time, and thus enhance learning capacity and achievement.


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