Josephine Tournebize Jewellery

Subjects: Craft Classes, jewellery workshops, Silver Jewellery, wedding
Based in
Stourbridge, United Kingdom
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My passion for jewellery and social cohesion has lead me to start my own business running
Workshops for adults as well as Designing and Creating Contemporary pieces using
Traditional techniques.

I learned to design and produce
Handcrafted jewellery pieces at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. After graduating
I worked for a jewellery repair company which helped me to stretch my practical skills.

Most recently I have been working as a
Jewellery Tutor for young adults with mixed abilities. This amazing experience has given me the chance to understand that jewellery making is more than just a Craft.

It is an opportunity to express yourself, build confidence, develop social skills and so much more. It can also be perceived as an alternative to speaking therapy.

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