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Subjects: aikido, Fitness, martial arts, self-defence, social
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Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Our club has two main instructors, myself (Gary Davis) and Eric Burns. Eric and I started learning Aikido at the same time, in April 2007, and both now hold a 1st degree black belt. We are also qualified Aikido instructors with the BAB (British Aikido Board).

We are really lucky to have our instructors, Nick Richmond sensei 2nd dan and Tony O'Connor sensei 4th dan, coming to join us at our club. Nick and Tony have been teaching us from our very first lesson and we are delighted that they will be joining us at the club. Nick or Tony will be teaching most of the Thursday classes, and Eric and I will become students and train with everyone else. Any Thursdays that they are unable to take the class Eric and I will teach.

Our club is under the umbrella of Aikido For Daily Life, which was founded by Piers and Quentin Cooke. Piers and Quentin are 7th degree black belts and fantastic instructors. From time-to-time we will hopefully see them both and enjoy their teaching. Each year Aikido For Daily Life holds a seminar, which means that all of the clubs get a chance to come together for a great day of Aikido.

Aikido For Daily Life is under the umbrella of Aikido Yuishinkai, which was founded by Master Koretoshi Maruyama. Master Maruyama was a student of O'sensei.

At the Kaizen Aikido club, we aim to teach Aikido in a welcoming, friendly and fun atmosphere, and we hope that you enjoy your time on the mat!

As there is no strength involved in Aikido it is great for men and women of any age. Everyone is welcome at our club age 18 and up...there is no maximum age limit!

Venue...Priory hall, love lane, Andover

Tuesdays...8pm-10pm...£7(Every Tuesday)

Thursdays...6pm-7.30pm...£5(Always best to check thursday class is on as we can not always get the hall)

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

[email protected]