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As one of the world’s largest providers in English language courses and other study abroad programs, Kaplan International Colleges assists thousands of students, just like you, every year.

Our English schools are located at over 40 destinations across 7 English-speaking countries around the world:
- UK & Ireland
- Australia
- Canada
- New Zealand
- Malta

With over 40 English schools for you to choose from and more than 40 years of experience, you can be assured that we maintain the highest standards of teaching, student care and school facilities.

Kaplan also offers a wide range of courses including:
- General, Intensive & Vacation English
- Business English
- Exam preparation
- General / Intensive Academic Year / Semester Courses
- Work and Paid Courses (OPUS)
- Internships

We understand that enjoying the city you are studying in is just as important as the courses. Our school locations are selected to be close to all forms of entertainment. Join us now to take the adventure of a life time.

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