Karuna,Permaculture project.

Subjects: Bushcraft, drumming, earth oven, food production, forest gardening, low impact living ...
Based in
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Karuna,Permaculture project. |
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Karuna ,is a Permaculture educational project.
This Low impact demonstration centre provides land based educational courses.
Helping people to connect with nature.
Our mission is to increase global understanding and promote conservation,research and education with the aim of bringing people together.
Insight,Inspiration,beauty and well being is the result of an experience at this centre.
Envisioning the form of beauty brings out of the beautiful!
Through Permaculture design and lifestyle ,especially Forest gardening, the project gives an example of how we can all move into paradise through Low impact living,Renewable energy,compost loos and recycling.
Volunteers can learn the creative art of living at Karuna,through working on location.Also Courses are run throughout the summer.
Conduct aimed at securing one's own happiness must at the same time result in the happiness of the other.

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