Kickboxing Defence Arts

Subjects: Kickboxing (Martial Arts), Martial Arts & Fitness
Based in
Crayford, Kent, United Kingdom
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At any of our Kickboxing Defence Arts (or KDA) classes, you'll learn Kickboxing, Self-Defence and Martial Arts.

The hardest part is making yourself take the first class, after that you'll be hooked!

KDA is a progressive, modern martial art that combines kickboxing with elements of other styles and
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training to give students a diverse learning experience.

The classes are fun and friendly, giving students a relaxed and safe learning environment.

The training isn't about who is the toughest or "hardest" person in the room, and bullying or intimidation is never tolerated.

- Kickboxing & Self Defence
- MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Training
- Get Super Fit
- Improve Your Flexibility
- Relaxed, Fun & Friendly Classes
- No Monthly Fee

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