Knights Against Neurological Diseases and Disorders

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Rutgers, Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States
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As an organization, we cherish the value in knowledge not just from books, presentations, or from professors, but from experiences. We take pride in giving our members the opportunity to take their learning experiences in their own hands, they can further their knowledge base through attending presentations by physicians, faculty, researchers, graduate students and others or through participation in events such as walks against particular neurological diseases and disorders, brain week and many more events. The way they choose to further their education is less important, as long as each member becomes better versed on this category of medical conditions. We also believe that neurological diseases and disorders are becoming much more prominent as one of the leading causes of mortality today- as cerebrovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease are only 3 spots behind of heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases as the leading causes of death in the US. We firmly support the idea of bringing mass awareness to our local communities, universities, and ultimately, an even wider audience like our nation. Through our awareness effort we hope, and believe, we can inspire action against this virulent group of maladies. We believe not only in our own efforts, but in each others’ efforts in bringing this goal to fruition. As undergraduate students, we are not able to step into the clinical or lab setting and create treatment plans and cures, but we can make a difference none the less. Through activism and further education, we have the ability to bring awareness to this group of diseases and disorders, along with showing our support for those affected with them and those actively working to find cures as well. We hope that in the future we, along with our members can utilize the skills that we will acquire through our accomplishments to serve our local communities and beyond.

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