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WeiHai Lishi Quanfa

Tai Chi form & dance, Dao Yin, Chinese Yoga and soft style Kung Fu

Lishi is a physical dance and movement activity rooted in ancient Chinese traditional exercise. It is perfect for fitness, health and self-defence in every day modern life.
Lishi, is designed to make you as flexible, open, resilient, adaptable and creative as possible in body, mind and spirit. An alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life that works.
Lishi will show you how to relax, be calm and control your energy. Then you can experience the awesome power you have to make your life inspiring, amazing and fantastic. Lishi involves a fluid way of moving:
• Tai Chi forms including the Square Yard form and Flying Hands form
• Kai Men – a system of Chinese Yoga to open up your energy channels – great for increasing suppleness and flexibility
• Dao Yin breathing exercises for good health and detoxing
• Qi Gong – learn how to use and direct your intrinsic energy
• “Hand of the Wind” Kung Fu – a dynamic system of self Defence – great for toning and increasing stamina
• Chang Ming –Ancient Long Life Dietary Therapy

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