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The META-Health Academy Ltd is an advanced alternative medicine & health coach training company offering foundation and certification programmes for coaches, practitioners, therapists, traditional medicine practitioners and anyone else who wants to gain from understand the systems science of precisely how our symptoms, health personality behaviour emotions and dis-eases are integrated.

We also offer education and transformative consultancy services for those who want to begin the process of resolving life and health challenges

Whether you're on a personal development or healing journey, looking to start a new career or a Coach, Therapist or Practitioner already working work with clients

The META-Health Academy can provide you with a revolutionary philosophical, scientific and pragmatic understanding of health, dis-ease and spiritual development.

We can support you to develop your career while supporting your personal evolution

We teach you the tools, methods and methodologies that practically reveal how our deepest thoughts and feelings create symptoms of illness or ill health in our bodies and minds. This awareness is both revolutionary and transformational.

It makes sense and is applicable to everyone regardless of their personal or professional background or level of education.

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