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MICHAEL MUT GALLERY specializes in mid-level and emerging painters, photographers and mixed-media artists. We are a new gallery experimenting, learning and growing along the way.
We work with interns to have them achieve their goals.
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A SOLO SHOW BY Michael Mut
New York, New York - September 9 - October 17, 2010 Opening Reception: Thursday, September 23, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Michael Mut captures a whole new perspective on war, death and peace through his riveting and sometimes shocking pro-peace installation.
"...still counting..." is Mr. Mut's continued expression of hope for peace and transformation of humanity. Since the devastating incidents of 9/11, the ongoing reports of death in Iraq and Afghanistan, the constant presence of killing in the media and entertainment, Mut has taken his deep feelings of sadness and crafted this unique and haunting artistic expression.
Mut makes no criticism of the thousands of brave and committed men and women who have selflessly given their lives to defend the United States. Nor is Mut's vision limited to the political and social climate of any particular country. On the contrary, he asks us all to look inward at our own thoughts about peace. Who is responsible for making peace a reality? He offers a chilling, yet critical, conundrum: "I am opposed to killing, I detest war, I love my country, but my government wages war... I pay taxes, and those dollars are used for warfare...I am ultimately inextricably connected to the whole process. I am killing innocent people with my money"
There lies the power of this extraordinary installation: we are all connected to everything. Therefore we share in the responsibility of all things. Michael Mut delivers us into an entirely new realm of thinking about our own existence and our own individual and collective impact on the whole "Bigger" picture. This installation is nothing short of genius and is very relevant for our times.
Mut's skill as an experimental artist is evident from his ability to make a solid spiritual relationship between everyday mundane objects and the serious social issues of our times. In "...still counting..." he uses toothbrushes intricately wrapped like mummies to represent the dead. He makes a disturbing and poignant connection between the disposability of toothbrushes and the apparent careless disregard for human life we witness not only in warfare, but also in our schools, streets, and homes. This installation is a participatory and ongoing project that will continue until world peace is realized.

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