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I am Director and Co-founder of Pathway Group and have over 10 years experience in community education and training. Pathway was set up to provide a range of services and opportunities for disadvantaged people mainly from minority ethnic groups including: social work, training and labour recruitment.
Pathway's Mission Statement
Promoting and Encouraging Education and Training and improving and advancing Employment Prospects for Individuals and thereby contributing to the success of Small and Medium Employers.
Aims and Objectives
• To make an effective contribution to the life and welfare of individuals and the success of the SME sector by increasing the levels of participation in education and training programmes.
• Promoting employment by matching skills of individuals with the local labour market.
• Provide training and educational opportunities, which recognise, develop and enhance an individual’s previous experience, skills and qualifications, in order that they are able to compete more effectively in the labour market.
• Promoting and delivering training initiatives tailored to specific needs of individuals and employers within the community.

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