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A place for singers and songwriters

cre·ate /krēˈāt/verb
To bring something into existence. To cause something to happen as a result of one’s actions.

Online and in person, we are located in the heart of England. We are an artist development company for singers and songwriters throughout the UK and worldwide online. Hosting a mentor team of industry professionals, The Pencil Rooms provides a massive learning ground in the fields of vocal technique, songwriting, artist and personal development. We offer private tuition, bite size courses and masterclasses supported by mobile application to enable continual development outside of our setting. We exist to strengthen your artisty, skill, identity, focus, work ethic and independence so that YOU can bring your OWN career into existence.

An artist development company for singers and songwriters.
The name stems from the freedom that a pencil brings to creativity… When you use a pencil, you instinctively have more freedom, because you are not approaching something with the view to make perfection – you are approaching it with the view to get stuck in, get messy and not fear the mistakes, because the nature of a pencil is you can erase. We want our artists to adopt this philosophy. To calve their careers as if they were holding a pencil, with complete freedom to create.

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