Phenomenal Woman Workshops

Subjects: dance classes, goddess, Reclaiming femininity, Womens Interests
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Bethnal Green, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Phenomenal Woman Workshops is a new way of understanding the Feminine based on the myths and archetypes which shape women’s lives.

We work with myths and archetypes as they are powerful catalysts for personal development, growth and change.

This is especially the case with Greek mythology as the gods and goddesses portrayed are very human in their characteristics.


Workshops are built around the psychological profile of six major Greek goddess archetypes and also feature music, movement and dance.

These tools help to express the very different characteristics and natures of each of the goddesses.


Change is achieved rapidly and understanding occurs at a deeper intuitive level. This is because we can avoid the endless critical examination that is so often a feature of gaining new knowledge.

In addition, by working with the body we inevitably enhance our physical well-being, increase our energy levels and stabilise our emotions.

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