Red Dragon Kali

Subjects: Arnis, Dirty Boxing, Escrima, Eskrima, Filipino Martial Arts, FMA ...
Based in
Swansea, City and County of Swansea, United Kingdom
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Red Dragon Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts school based out of South and West Wales.

We offer a well-rounded knowledge in a functional fighting system in a safe and friendly environment.

Training with a universal approach - What you can do with a stick, you can do with a blade or with empty hands. We delivering training in:

Single Stick, Double Stick, Knife Defense, Knife Fighting, Improvised Weapons, Pangamut (Empty Hand - Dirty Boxing), Dumog (Grappling), Stick & knife, Sword, and Sibat (Staff).

If you are looking to learn a new martial art, train in self-defense, or even add something to your own system, please get in touch.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

[email protected]