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Do you want to learn how to defend yourself?
Would you like to know what to do if someone threated you
with a knife?
Would you like to know how to defend yourself against a large aggressor? Or multiple attackers?
Are you a woman over the age of 16? Do you want to know
how to avoid or escape a rape situation?
Are you a man over the age of 16? Do you want to know how to avoid or escape a life threatening situation?


Our 6 week 'Street' Self Defence course is based on simple, but effective techniques that work for both men and women. We focus on training these simple techniques in realistic and chaotic situations, so that even in high levels of stress, you are able to safely defend yourself.

The Course will cover:

* Training and role playing simple but effective techniques
* Introducing stress and chaos into a life threatening situation so that you are still able to defend yourself
* How to quickly defend yourself against a large aggressor
* Defence and escape techniques where lethal weapons are involved such as knives
* Escape tactics when in a rape scenario
* Multiple attackers
* Escape and avoidance techniques
* Verbal diffusion skills
* Identification of risks, avoidance and awareness

Course details
The 6 week courses run on Thursday's from 5.45pm-6.45pm at The Ajex Centre, corner of Cricket Stadium, Eaton rd & Palmeira avenue, Hove BN3 3GE.
The cost for 6 weeks is £50.00.

The course is for men and women over 16yrs of age. On completion of the course your instructor will present you with a personalised certificate showing your level of ability.

We limit the classes to 14 people so please book early if you wish to attend this popular course.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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