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Self defence for the soul

A course designed to inspire and empower by valuing, accepting and appreciating individuality.

Taking and expanding self help and self development to a whole new level.

Black belt experience in the self empowerment field, you’ve read the self help books, you’ve listened to inspirational speakers and nothing has changed.

A time to experience the best in hands on self development.

Experiential application, not read or watched but learnt, truly life changing

Listening to speakers can help but is a bit like going to the gym and watching someone else work out, it doesn’t give you muscles.

A safe and empowering environment, which allows you to follow your inner journey and discover who you are and where you are heading.

Have confidence, self belief and direction in life by discovering, life scripts, barriers to change and a real recognition of your humanness.

Valued, accepted and treated as equal, getting to the root of the problem and finding a common solution.

Truth, timing, and a say it as it is approach creates the environment for change. Self defence for the soul are like little captain kirks (it goes where others are too scared to go).

Congruent, challenging and honest approach to individual barriers to growth and self knowledge.

Self knowledge creates self acceptance, peace and contentment in a world that desires you to be like others.

Discover who YOU are at a core/spiritual level.

Freedom from the prison within, remove the guards that we think protect us, access the Inner god, inner conscience, soul, energy, light source or spirit.

Create that feeling of being able to achieve your dreams and live life to your maximum potential.

At Self Defence for the Soul we believe that you already have the answers buried with you.

It is our role to help you to scroll down through the layers of past conditioning, which will involve facing some feelings/emotions and possibly some of your fears.

At self defence for the soul we will point you in the right direction but we will not do the work for you. We might pat you on the back but we might also kick you up the backside.

This is for all of us who are just human and that entail both the good and the bad. For those of us who don’t have the answers, who make mistakes, who at times feel jealous, guilty, anxious, angry, stressed, depressed.

But who are willing to accept all of these things and are also willing to take action towards change!

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