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Thank you for choosing Smartiepants Learning Services! Here at Smartiepants, we have trained Education Specialists to meet your childs needs to help encourage and inspire your child on their path to being the ultimate Smartiepants! Our Education Specialists work with your child to strengthen skills, build self-esteem, and instill a sense of initiative and accomplishment.

Your first meeting with a Smartiepants Education Specialist will be a pleasant "get to know each other" session. During this one hour meeting, we will talk about your child's personality, strengths, and areas to be improved. Your child will also complete a small assessment so that our Education Specialist will be able to create a specialised learning plan, suited towards your child's personality and strengths. This will also be the time that the Education Specialist will talk with your child to get to know them! Once the intial assessment has been taken, your Education Specialist will inform you and your child about the personalised lessons your child will experience during their time at Smartiepants. We understand that every child is unique, so we create theses personalised plans to maximize your child's success.

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