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A unique music school

The spiral school of music was founded by Denitsa Mineva in Berlin, Germany. Its symbol, the Fermat's spiral, represents the unlimited ways of music, sound, being and learning. The school focuses on providing high academic standards in the process of learning by doing.

The early childhood music education classes encourage children to participate in creative activities through movement, sound exploration, improvisation and imaginative play while using the very first instrument we all possess - our own body. The consequent activities include the use of Orff instruments, triola and a variety of sound objects, which ways deepen the child's interest in and expand their knowledge of the music world.

The instrumental and singing classes are tailored to the individual child or adult student's needs. Whether you choose to go the classical way, would like to learn to play, sing or compose your own simple classical, pop or jazz songs or improvise instead, we will guide you all the way. Theory (solfeggio, ear training, harmony) is being taught throughout the classes as well as separately.

The school provides its students with the opportunity to be part of a duo, trio, quartet, a small orchestra or a choir as we consider it to be an important tool on the way to developing vast music skills. Furthermore we organise concerts, workshops, masterclasses and competitions and award certificates for completing an academic year.

We welcome students of any age. When needed we would prepare you to pass exams and enter high music institutions, play at concerts, participate in competitions and auditions as well as expand your understanding and experience of music by exploring sounds, instruments and improvising. All delivered in a unique, systematic, thorough, creative and a fun way.

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated individuals with a multicultural background. The classes at our school are provided mainly in the English language which we consider to be an extra service as well as an advantage necessary in this cosmopolitan era we all live in today.

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