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Subjects: circus, collaboration, creativity, Facilitation training
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We’re moving from a knowledge economy to a creative economy. Our environmental, social, economic and political spheres are becoming more complex and, if we want organisations that can survive and even flourish in such change, we need to introduce a new set of skills: the skills of collaboration and innovative, creative thinking.

Strategic Creativity merges the spirit of playful exploration with business practice to help you find holistic solutions for a sustainable business future through:

Consultancy services
Workshops and training in areas from project management to improvisation
Events and conferences to develop creativity and positive collaborations
Cross-sector collaborations to bring creative minds to technical ones, social entrepreneurs to engineers, and sometimes simply the design engineer to the electrical engineer.

Our work integrates a range of practices that include:

Clowning and play
Physical theatre and performance
Yoga and meditation
Integral theory, systems thinking and Theory U
The sciences of sustainability, project management and ethical business

This diverse approach might sound mad, but when we bring seemingly opposed perspectives together, something happens in the middle that leads to unexpected – but often brilliant – ideas and solutions. We increase our understanding of others, awareness of the world expands and we develop the ability to give everyone more of what they need and less of what they don’t. Introducing lateral thinking and collaboration into work processes and strategy improves outcomes for businesses, and gives employees the opportunity to contribute more fully to their work.

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