Teh's Institute of Tukido

Subjects: Fitness, martial art, martial arts, self defence, Tukido
Based in
Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
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Established nearly 30 years, Teh's Institute of Tukido teaches an effective but easy to learn form of martial arts useful for both self defence and general fitness.

All ages above the age of twelve are welcome, but classes consist mainly of adults. You think you are not fit enough? You think you can't do it?

Don't worry, we specialise in helping people discover their hidden capabilities - you'd be amazed what you can actually do! Also, we start at your fitness level and slowly build up your levels of fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination and self confidence, step by step.

We not only have classes in Glasgow South, but also in Motherwell, Hamilton, Bellahouston and Aberdeen.

Why not come for a free trial class and discover your hidden potential?

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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