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The Tse Qigong Centre was founded in 1990 by Master Michael Tse, in order to help promote the Traditional Chinese Skills that he learned. Master Tse has spent over 30 years training with some of the most famous and venerated teachers in Hong Kong and China.

Since 1990, the Tse Qigong Centre has grown into a world wide organisation. Master Tse says, "I am happy to see the Centre growing. For me, the Centre is like a family. The more people who join in, the happier I am because it means more people are growing healthier. We now have many instructors throughout the world who are authorised instructors of the Tse Qigong Centre.”

The Tse Qigong Centre teaches; Wing Chun Kung Fu, Dayan - Wild Goose Qigong (Chi Kung), Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Chun Yuen Quan (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu) and Hard Qigong.

The skill that students learn is of the highest quality and is directly from the source. Often the forms taught are rare, even in China. In addition, the exercises that Master Tse has created, like Balancing Gong and Healthy Living Gong, are unique and belong to the Tse Qigong Centre.

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