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Who are we?

Vintage Amours is made up a small team of Amour Girls. Not everyone is brave enough to dress in Vintage head to toe, so we have selected an amazing collection showing how vintage items can fit into your everyday life and your everyday wardrobe. We have also tried to stay away from cliche settings as we feel we no longer live in the 1800′s, and we wouldn’t wear our clothes like that any more so why put it in that setting? Although we absolutely love these eras, we have opted for a contemporary, urban feel (which we hope you like). All of our clothes are vintage, some are retro but we have added our own little Vintage Amour touches to them!

What do we do?

We run regular workshops for you to learn aboutyour vintage history. Fun and always equipped with a sneaky cocktail the Amour Girls have alot to teach!

We also sell our small collection of both Vintage and Vintage inspired clothes on the Asos marketplace.

As we said before we absolutely love Vintage clothes – which is why you’ll also see out vintage directory linking you to other vintage websites where you can buy all the best vintage clothes that money can buy.

What does Vintage mean to Vintage Amours?

The term vintage can be used to describe anything from a garment, a glass of wine or your mothers hair style in the 80s! It generally means that the object being described comes from the period of 1920 – 1980.

Retro – as in retrospective, is also another word which has been used to describe vintage clothing. Most people see it as being a compliment to say that your outfit is very retro. To be retro is to be able to think beyond the contemporary present in order to appreciate the past, whilst still being able to give it a modern twist. The fashion of raiding second hand stores and car boot sales is a thing of our generation- a Kate Moss inspired Topshop phenomenon. It is something which defines our festival experiences, out days in the park and the way we perceive the world.

While an appreciation for vintage clothing has always existed, it has been a part of contemporary clothing only since the 80s, when each year or season refers back to a vintage era such as the 60s or the 70s. Each of these eras had their own personal look and style, whereas since the 90s, the referral to previous eras has become part of the post 90s – and possibly dare I say, the Altermodern. The past has become something which is to be explored and to be adored!

Here at Vintage Amours the adoration of vintage and the appreciation of the past, is something which we aim to do and live to do. Whether it be through the way you dress, the way you take a photograph, or approach a second hand store, we appreciate the second hand. Hope you enjoy!

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