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Subjects: collaboration, cooking, leadership, nutrition, Permaculture, sustainable building ...
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West Lexham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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West Lexham is a beautiful rural haven where you can come to connect with your self, with others, and with the environment through learning, play or relaxation.

Our vision is for the project to become a living, breathing showcase for exemplary 21st-century living.

30 years ago West Lexham farm used to employ the 25 inhabitants of the village and support a local pub and post office. Economic pressures put all three out of business atomizing the community.

West Lexham Education Centre is once again creating local employment and a community centre. We are rebuilding the local community and linking it to a national community through residential courses and educational events based around skills we need for a sustainable future.

We are creating local employment through this business and through the creation of a cluster of micro-enterprises that are creating a self-supporting economic ecosystem.

This living example of social, environmental and economic sustainability provides an inspiring and immersive educational experience, as well as a beautiful place to unwind and connect, a space for what could be...

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