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ZindaDil seeks to help you bring more visibility to your work, arts, business.

ZindaDil is founded to help ordinary people learn to write stories about their life, business and work.

Using ZindaDil's unique story templates, you create your own stories which are published on zindadil.com after being approved by the editors.

Registration is free and there is no fee for the service. It is purely designed as a community service forum for oridinary, nice people.

Your stories could be short stories of incidents in your life which sparked your passion for creativity or they may be your life stories. They could be about your work, your successes and your challenges. All are welcome!

Our guided storytelling form makes it easy for you to write your story in an engaging format.

Writing short stories (very similar to guest posts or interviews) makes your work more visible to the world.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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