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‎"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." - Victoria Holt

You know the whole purpose of having this physical life is about having experiences. That’s it. End Of. Over and Out. And there you have it – this week’s “Thought For the Week”.

Now I could leave it there and say nothing more. Some people would get it. Some people wouldn’t. Some people might think I’m being arrogant. Whilst others might think me mad! And you know what… that’s OK. Because everyone, absolutely everyone who reads my weekly thoughts will experience them differently. They will get whatever they need from them, even if it’s just confirmation of what they already knew.

You know the main reason why I write my thoughts and blogs though? Because I love to write and share. I write because each time I do, I touch Consciousness from a different and often deeper angle. If sharing my writings with you helps you, then even better. But let me be candid and say, I don’t actually write for you or anyone else. I write for me.

“Blimey’, I hear some people thinking (metaphorically speaking of course!). “How selfish and arrogant is that?!” And you know what... that’s also OK! Because what other people think about me, is none of my business J

Consciousness is experiencing itself in absolutely everything that happens. In order to grow, learn, and evolve, Consciousness needed to appear to separate parts of itself off in order to interact with something else. Each “part” coming from the same place, but showing a slightly different aspect. Imagine this:

A diamond has many facets. Imagine that each facet could see (well they do actually but I’m not going to get into that here!). Because of the shape of a diamond, each facet will look out from a different angel – some more so than others. So two facets next to each other will have a similar view but not quite the same. The facets at the top will have a very different view from the ones at the bottom, as will the ones on each side. Which view is more valid and real than the others? Of course the answer is none of them, and yet all of them.

Each “human being” is like the facet on a diamond. No facet is any more or less important than the next, and each one sees and experiences life differently – to a greater or lesser extent than those around him or her. The thing is, when you combine all of those views and experiences together, you get a much clearer picture of the Whole. Sharing experiences that we have with those around us, not from a place of pomposity and arrogance that “ours is the only way” but from a place of sharing from a different perspective and valuing that all experiences are as valid as each other. By sharing from a place of love, respect, and mutual appreciation we really can enjoy life more often, and more easily.

Having said all that, at the end of the day, everything (absolutely everything) is just about having experiences. That’s it. Why? Because experiences help us grow. There are no “bad” experiences. There are no “good” experiences – because they’re all relative to how we perceive them. The terms “good” and “bad” are judgements which stem from our Ego not from the Divine Consciousness that resides within us and all things. When we let go of those value-judgements, we begin to understand our true purpose for experiencing life: Growth and Evolution of the Whole. It is then that we can really surrender to Consciousness and experience things from a place of loving detachment, whilst still taking part in the world around us.

Think about the experiences you have had in your life and think about why you wanted them in the first place. Now I know that some reading this will say “but I didn’t want that particular experience” – and that statement comes from your Ego, not from your Soul. When you focus upon your heart and ask that question, you’ll get a different answer.

Now, while you’re there, focused upon your heart, ask yourself what you’d like to experience next… then go do it. Why? Because that’s why you wanted this physical life in the first place! To experience! Enjoy… and grow.

scrapbook iconIdentification

If I were to ask you the question: "Who are you?" how would you respond? How many labels or descriptors would you need to describe who you are? 1? 2? 10? 100? For example a man might answer that as "I am Joe Bloggs, Doctor, father, husband, worker, happy person, etc". A more unhappy person might answer "I am no one". A more spiritual person may answer "I am God". Now who is right? Any of them? All of them? None of them?

There are elements of all those answers given that we may use to describe who we are, but the last two answers are the most accurate I feel. Let me explain why I think that the "I am no one" answer is quite accurate. In ourselves we have a Soul and an Ego. As Eckhart Tolle describes in his brilliant book "A New Earth" (well worth a read if you haven't already) whenever we talk about "I am.... Whatever" we are actually identifying with the Ego, not with the Soul. We build up our personas in order to interact in this 3rd dimension world in which we live. But, in essence, we are not the person we are creating. We are the Soul behind it. And that Soul is God. God is everything, and everything is God. And so, in and of ourselves, we are not "Alun Jones" or "Joe Bloggs" or whatever our name happens to be this time around. We are Source Energy/God/Allah/Father-Mother God/Divine Spirit or whatever other word you choose to use. Everything else around us is an illusion and many have become so identified with their Ego Self that they cannot see this. I say this not in judgment, just in observation.

Many years ago I used to play an online role-playing game which was set in a fantasy world. You start that game with a character that you create, and you decide how you're going to play this character: what job he/she will do, what the character will wear, male or female, what race etc etc. You then used to interact with other people and do various things to earn experience points and "go up a level" and so become able to do more difficult things and do other things more quickly and easily. For example I had an empath (healer) and the more experience he became the more serious wounds he could help people with. I decided how he would interact with other people and whether he'd be a nice person (as I saw it) or not and so on. Hundreds of people used to play this game all across the world - all doing a similar thing - creating a character and role playing it out. Some people took it incredibly seriously both in terms of the game itself and taking it into the real world. There were whole conventions for this game where people would go dressed as their character really acting out the roles.

OK - if you're not bored and I haven't lost you yet that's good! Another way of looking at the world in which we live is to liken it to the fantasy world I've just described above. We each choose what character we will play, what we will do, how we will behave and interact with others, and we gain experience through such interactions. Again, it's a bit like the film The Matrix with all the people thinking that what they were living was real. Unlike the computer game and the film, however, we cannot switch off this computer game or take a green or red pill. However, we can decide to wake up and understand that the person we think we are is just a role that we have decided to play. Only WE can decide what we think, and feel, and what to do. Even if someone held a gun to our head and told us to go to work we could still choose not to.

There is an awareness within each of us that is waiting patiently for us to acknowledge that it is there. Waiting for us to understand that we are not the characters we play in the world. We are One Soul that is having multiple experiences in order to expand and grow the whole of Consciousness. We are not the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker - even though one of those may be the role we wish to play right now. We are so much more than that. The Ego Self will try to force us to limit ourselves to the characters we have chosen to play up until now. The Ego Self in some people reading this will think it's a load of nonsense - and that's OK too.

Regardless of whether you can relate to anything in this week's musings, do have a think about your life and the role/character you are playing. Whether or not you believe you are more than that character, at least consider your role and the choices you are making about who you are. Only you can decide to change it if you are unhappy with it. But you also have the power to change whom you are portraying to the world - all it takes is intention, action, and a bit of tenacity.

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