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scrapbook iconCopy as interface

Great presentation from Erika Hall at Web 2.0 Expo (via Matt Locke) on how to write copy for web 2.0 applications. Key message: write less, and write for action.

View more presentations from Erika Hall.

(School of Everything's old design gets a mention too, hopefully we haven't broken it with our evolutions since then!)

scrapbook iconMichael Wesch and the Future of Education

"The Explainer" (TM Wired Magazine) turns his attention to social media tools for education and media literacy.

Interesting show-of-hands survey of a class:

"How many of you like coming to school?" - c. 50%
"How many of you like learning?" - all of them

And my two favourite quotes:

* "Being human is all about learning, it's the hallmark of humanity."
* "Helping students create meaningful connections, because that's where learning really happens"

Couldn't have put it better myself.

scrapbook iconTop ten PR tips for small businesses

Nice post from David Meerman Scott about online PR here:

I don't know David, but I liked his statement: "I realized that sometimes there is value to top-of-mind ideas. Nuggets of value may be lost when you obsess over getting every detail perfect." Couldn't agree more.

Here's his list:

1. The old ways to get noticed were to buy expensive advertising and beg the media to write about you and your products. The best way to get noticed today is to publish great content online.

2. Don't talk about what your products and services do. Instead talk about how you solve problems for your customers.

3. Be enthusiastic and have fun. People want to do business with people they like.

4. Don't rely on spamming the media with your press releases and PR pitches.

5. Use press releases to reach buyers directly.

6. Comment on blogs, forums and chat rooms (but don't talk about your products and services).

7. Read the popular books in your market and write a review on Amazon. Use your real name and affiliation.

8. Shoot a short video and put it up onto YouTube

9. Know what search terms people are using to find products and services like yours and create content that search engines will reward with high search engine rankings.

10. Don't be egotistical. Nobody cares about you and your products. Your buyers care about themselves and solving their problems.

scrapbook iconStraight A's in Love

"If they'd give me a mark for learning in the dark, I'd have straight A's in love."

Ah, the genius that is Johnny Cash.

Improvisational piano teacher in London

I've been pootling around on the piano for a couple of years, but I need a teacher. The trouble is, I'm looking for quite a specific thing. I don't read music, I'm interested in being able to play different genres of improvised music and accompaniments, to interpret what other musicians are playing and generally play around in pleasing ways. I'm looking to learn patterns and shapes that I can reuse and combine, to make my improvisations harmonically richer and more rhythmic.

Specific styles I'd like to grasp are:
* gospel piano
* pop piano (think Carole King, Randy Newman, Elton John)
* jazz ballads (I don't want to show off, I want to play Gershwin and Billie Holiday songs slowly and beautifully)
* ragtime piano (I harbour a secret dream to accompany Buster Keaton movies on the piano)

I practice and I'm very enthusiastic if taught well, and I have a genuine passion for making music. And I'm convinced there's someone out there who can really help me learn all this - whether it's a good teacher or a more advanced learner.

Any takers?

Expires on: 
2 Aug 2009

scrapbook iconMA in Everything

I've been thinking for a while now about going back into full-time education.

I'm very clear that I don't want to be an academic or study at an academic institution though. I want to spend a year studying all the various things I'm interested in - some quite formally, some just for the fun of it. I want to design my own Masters course and spend a year learning everything I've always wanted to.

So I've been thinking about what I'd like to study. So far I've got:

* Pop, jazz, gospel and ragtime piano
* Folk guitar
* Singing, particularly soul/gospel vocal
* Graphic design
* Karate (or possibly Jeet Kun Do)
* Philosophy - particularly Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, although I'm open to suggestions
* Mythology, including Joseph Campbell's work and comparative mythologies around the world
* Farsi, so I can read Rumi in the original
* Modernist art, particularly Bauhaus and abstract works
* Film scriptwriting - practical classes working on scripts with my peers
* Formal logic - particularly modal logic

Hmm, this could take more than a year. I'm going to keep thinking and I'll post again in a bit.

scrapbook iconBritney Spears "Toxic" on the ukulele

It actually sounds like a proper song!


scrapbook iconThe Human Intranet

Here's the presentation I gave at the NCVO yesterday, now with added Zappa.

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: km sociability)

scrapbook iconBohemian Ukulele

Terrifying video, but the song has to be playable. Anyone got a tab?


scrapbook iconLearn While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

This guy is, of course, the daddy. I've been looking around for tabs and people who can show me how to play this song, and here's the best I've found so far:


scrapbook iconHow to play Randy Newman, Political Science on Ukulele

This is pretty doable I think. And I love the song.


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