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scrapbook iconWing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese self defence martial art. It is suitable for ordinary people as it does not require any particular body strength. It relies on footwork, positioning and sensitivity to avoid the opponent's energy. That is why is suitable equally for men and women.

scrapbook iconQigong

Qigong is a Chinese health exercise that follows the principles of the Chinese meridians and acupuncture points. It works on the whole body, improving relaxation, posture, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. It is a gentle, non-competitive system that is particularly good to help us move in a relaxed manner.

scrapbook iconTai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is now practiced by many people for its health benefits.

Regular practice improves posture, relaxation of the upper body and develops strong legs.

scrapbook iconChun Yuen Quan

Chun Yuen Quan is a Chinese martial art which is nowadays practiced for its health benefits.

Regular practice brings warmth to the body, makes you flexible and develops strong legs. The body feels lighter and it is also good fun and a good workout.

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