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I started training in Wing Chun many years ago mainly because it was recommended to me by a friend; I spent a lot of time training and really grew to love the art.
I have tried many other arts over the years and enjoyed them all but the one question I would always ask myself was "How well would this work if I had to defend myself using it?"

I never felt I could answer the question 100%.

All martial arts are a great way to learn more about you and others, get fit and have a different outlook on life but I still felt that nagging question "how well would this work if I were attacked?"
A friend first told me about 'The Approach' and I went along to a class to see what it was all about.
I had been told it was based on Silat and that it used hammer fists instead of punches, I thought it was worth checking out.
I found the class great fun and really easy to learn, the basic nature of the Approach made a lot of sense and it was SO simple to learn.

I think as humans we tend to try and overcomplicate things and look for the harder way, whereas the Approach breaks in down into the most simple movements which are far easier to remember and use when under pressure.

I left feeling more confident and felt I had a good answer to the question of what would I do if attacked………….use The Approach!
Later that year I went to the 3 fights seminar in Birmingham which dealt with the 3 fights you have to win in a self-defence situation:

The mental fight
The physical fight
The legal fight

It's no good if you defend yourself against an attacker but fall foul of the law!

I got to meet Eddie Quinn the inventor of the Approach and was impressed with he's energy and how down to earth he is.
I really felt I had found the answer to my question; I'm not saying it will be your answer as we are all different and have our own minds and ideas but for me its beauty was in the simplicity and effect.

The next year I made the choice to try and become and Approach instructor as I felt it was something that would benefit other people as it had me.

With 6 months of trips backwards and forwards to Birmingham to train and learn with Eddie I soon found that there is so much more to be gained for the Approach as many of its principles fit and work in everyday life, it's so much more than learning to hit things!

I'm very proud to say that I'm now a Level one instructor in 'The Approach' and am happy to be spreading the method.
Hope to work with you soon.

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