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Learning a new language is always presented like a debate between companies that want to convince you their product is better, for that, you get the usual part where the users or so-called express their amazement and the progress they made thanks to a particular method. It is always fantastic and so easy.
The reality is different, and often the method find a place in a cupboard or lost on your hard disk, the only motivation to use it is that you paid for it, but it is not enough and in the course of time, the interest is not the same as you cannot see the progress you expected before buying the method.

So, another solution is to spend time on the internet to find a method or a website that offers the same thing for free. But, again free does not always match quality, if you want to have something good and serious, it is understandable you have to pay for it, a lot of people think like that, how is it possible to have something free nowadays, is another exclamation we can hear. To tell the truth several companies claim to be free but only for 7 days or you do not have a full access to the method.

So free, really free, how can it be possible? What about Microsoft or Google? they offer a search engine that costs months of development and a lot of money and they are free! And here free matches quality! So it is possible, that's why I would like to speak about my website where it is possible to learn French, Spanish and also English for French speakers for FREE, we offer quality to anybody.
The method is interesting too, you do not have to spend time and be bored learning by heart a lot of grammar items or lists of verbs, you just pick a lesson based on our today life and listen to a native speaker pronouncing with the best accent the words and sentences you want to learn, then with games, quizzes, crosswords and so on, you enjoy learning something you really remember.
Moreover, if you need help there is a forum where you can post your question, if you need a new lesson, send us an email and we will be happy to add it as soon as we can.
So, have a look at, it is free and always it will!


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