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Ian Bates | Member since January 2013 | Larne, United Kingdom

I teach and practice Traditional Japanese Aikido, I also teach adults our traditional aikido weapons our bokken,Tanto and our Jo or Staff. Karate is another Art form that we teach at our Dojo.

I have been teaching around 20 years and hold the grade of Nidan(2nd Dan) in both Aikido and Karate.

In total I have been training in the martial arts for around 40 years. I now live and teach in Larne, But I am from Kent.
I retired from full time work at the end of 2010 and moved to my wife's home town at the end of that year.

I also like to practice Iaido,Kata, Bunkai with students,As well as train on my own for self development and during summer months train outside on grassy area's

Looking for: people to learn with, networking and collaboration.


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