Jannis Gundermann

Jannis Gundermann | Member since March 2009 | North Shore, New Zealand

I am a 23 year old Graphic Designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Having just graduated I had to realize that they didn't teach us much about coding or scripting at university. Thus my signing up here.
I have already got significant (x)HTML and CSS knowledge and have also started scripting Javascript with the jQuery library though the scripts I have written there were quite amateur-ish.
Hopefully I will find someone that can help/teach me some basic PHP so I can create dynamic sites from scratch and also someone that can help me advance in my jQuery scripting.

Also if someone is interested in a collaborative project then please do contact me if you feel like I could be a good match. It's certainly something that I would be insterested in; Collaborating that is.

Looking for: teachers, people to learn with, help and advice, networking and collaboration.

Based in
North Shore, New Zealand

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