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My name is Barry Miller, based in the North West of England, close to the Cities of Preston and Manchester. I am a retired life long photographer stretching back to the early days of 35mm film, dealing mainly in portrait work, product photography and landscapes and now exclusively using digital capture and digital software processing with in-depth knowledge of both Photo-shop and Paint-shop Pro. I have been using all aspects of digital photography for the past 15 years and specialise in people and portraits using standard and low light situations with Nikon and Fuji equipment. Now, with the onset of digital imaging for all and the easy availability of digital processing it has become possible for almost anyone with a little bit of help and instruction to take acceptable photographs in all disciplines and to have the knowledge to work on the image within the digital darkroom using the relevant imaging software. The digital darkroom allows each and every one of us to produce perfect or near perfect photographs that are acceptable for wall hanging and even exhibiting in gallery work. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals of digital imaging and digital darkroom techniques it is then relatively easy to go on to become a proficient photographer and take on paid work for yourself.

I work with either group teachings or one to one individual workshops, using long standing camera techniques for composing professional looking photographs and then to manipulate images using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro if the image requires enhancement or manipulation. If you are interested in either one to one, group teaching or on-line tutoring then contact me via my web site at www.barrymillerphotographics.co.uk or email me here.

If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Barry Miller


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