I've been studying and teaching tai chi chuan for 25+ years. My initial focus was martial so I sort the best teacher I could find and was fortunate enough to meet and become a closed door student of Sifu Nigel Sutton.

Under Nigel’s tutelage I trained in England, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia; gaining the opportunity to train with senior students of Cheng Man Ching as well as other highly respected masters of internal martial arts. I have competed nationally and internationally winning many many medals; I have written for international martial art journals; I have produced a series of DVD’s and books. And in conjunction with my wife, Jenny Peters, I have developed a rehabilitation program under www.midlandstaichirehab.co.uk which trains staff to use tai chi with COPD, CCF, Cardiac rehab, chronic pain management, CFS and more.

Nigel sparked a fire in me that drives me to continue developing my understanding and application of tai chi chuan and chi-kung (qigong). I have since trained with Peter Ralston and Willie Lim as well as others.

My interest in both the psychological as well as physical aspects of tai chi chuan have lead me to the fields of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnosis, CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) and Mindfulness. I am now qualified as a Master-hypnotist and am working towards Master-trainer of NLP.

If you are interested in learning traditional tai chi chuan to a level not generally available; if you are interested in training in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy; if you are interested in developing yourself and those around you then please contact me to discuss in more detail.

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