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I have coached all manner of people in memory techniques from 6 year-old children to students studying law, accountancy, architecture, foreign languages, literature, history and the arts. I have coached business people in the art of remembering names and faces, cab drivers in learning ‘The Knowledge’, professionals at the BBC and the National Audit Office and since 2005, I have coached workng actors in line learning, both privately and as a tutor at the ‘Actors Centre’ in London.

According to a recent research, it has been proved that by memory training, it is possible for people to become more intelligent and actually increase their brain power.
Benefits for the individual:
• Enhanced problem solving skills - fluid intelligence.
• Enhanced brain power because memory techniques push the brain to process all that it remembers.
• Exercising the brain lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Both conditions decrease the quality of life and increase the likelihood of death.

Benefits for a company:
• Increased product knowledge
• Increased client knowledge
• Increased creativity and problem solving

So a few hours spent in learning memory techniques will be a skill that will last you all your life.

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