KIXX | Member since April 2011 | Maidstone, United Kingdom

KIXX Martial Arts Gym is located in Granville Road, Maidstone, ME14 2BJ and is going from strength to strength in the community by promoting the Northern and Southern Chinese Martial Arts as a highly rewarding pass time whether practiced for relaxation, fitness, health, self-defence and a better sense of well being. There is something there for everyone from 4 years of age upwards...

The high standards at KIXX Martial Arts are reflected in their being awarded a Sport England Clubmark Accreditation. This was a lengthy process and resulted in approximately 20months of scrutiny and outside assessments of all procedures and teaching, coaching practices. This award is of particular interest to those with young children because the Clubmark focuses in detail on their health and safety, development, opportunities, equality and a fair approach to all.

There is a recognised Instructor training program approved by Clubmark as a possible career path or as a volunteer. All Instructors, Assistants and Volunteers are Enhanced CRB checked and qualified with regular opportunities to attend courses in their martial art, coaching and health and safety. All information is on display in reception and available at all times.

The long-term aim of KIXX Martial Arts is to provide an environment for ALL to train in. Whether for serious martial arts or just for a hobby (fun), everybody will be offered the same opportunities. With top quality coaching from the very best instructors in their field it is our wish that EVERYBODY can find what they are looking for at KIXX Martial Arts.


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