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scrapbook iconCurry SOS

Stepney, London, E1
Date / Time:
Sun 10 May 3:00 pm
Finish time:
5:00 pm

Additional date due to high demand.
Saturday 4th July

It's NOT knitting!

People always ask me about Indian cooking. I cook Indian food all the time, but without giving it much thought. My dinner guests leave with happy tummies wanting more...more knowledge!

So in the spirit of attempting new things in 2009, I've devised a class in the basics of Indian cooking.

In this session you'll learn the secret of all my cooking: my Mother's home made garam masala!

We'll make some garam masala, discuss staples ingredients, make a versatile curry sauce that can be adapted with lentils, chicken, paneer, and many other choices. Then we'll have a taste, and everyone can have some goodies to take home with them.

3 or 4 people per session. Advance booking essential.

Sunday 10th May.


£27 (all ingredients included, but please bring a small item of tupperware to take goodies home with you).

To book, please contact me: [email protected]

07940 850 458

scrapbook iconKnitted Easter Egg Bunnies

*** Easter Egg Bunny Special! ***

Sunday 15th March...Easter is only four weeks from this date...plenty of time to knit a few bunny-gifts!


Stepney, E1...just 4 mins walk from Stepney Green tube station.

£27. Includes yarn, needles, embellishments, egg cup and chocolatey treat.

For more info, please see the Classes page.

Please note that this session is not for complete beginners to knitting. You will enjoy it more if you can already cast on and do the basic knit stitch as a minimum. If you are a complete beginner, just one session with me before the Easter Special is enough to bring you up to speed for Egg Bunnies.

For more information or booking, drop me a line.

See you soon,

Aneeta x

07940 850 458

[email protected]


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