Lawrence DiRe

Lawrence brings more than twenty years of experience in higher education teaching and public service administration to his coaching practice. His practice is founded on the recognition that every client has the right to be heard and understood. The goal of every session is to ensure that clients have a safe environment, which creates an open and honest relationship built on acceptance and respect.

In his professional life Lawrence has worked with high performing individuals and organzations. He has successfully worked with
small businesses and major corporations to achieve meaningful and prosperous public-private partnerships. He has also had the
opportunity to see dysfunctional organizations first-hand, and can assist your organization in avoiding self-destuctive actions and changing self-defeating cultures.

His Fowler-Wainwright coaching certification and graduate degrees in history and public administration have prepared him with the academic and intellectual resources to assist clients successfully fulfill their college entrance, leadership development and conflict resolution goals.

Looking for: networking and collaboration.


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