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Daisy Birthing™ antenatal classes provide the combination of pregnancy yoga inspired moves, birth hypnosis, birth dance, pregnancy massage, relaxation and a chance to meet other mums. Daisy Baby classes offer complete continuity of care for mums to be and will be able to support mums through New Born, Tinies and Wrigglers sessions using our popular new born calming techniques, baby massage, baby yoga and sensory work.

Daisy Birthing™ is a gentle relaxed - active birthing concept created by the Lazy Daisy team – - the fastest growing antenatal company. Tried and tested since 2004, the weekly class programme really works, helping mums to be to enjoy every step of pregnancy whilst looking forward to a positive, relaxed-active birth. Combining gentle yoga inspired moves, many of which are unique to Lazy Daisy, alongside breath work, relaxations, and self hypnosis techniques, Daisy Birthing™ classes give weekly relief and long term birth benefits. Daisy Birthing™ classes ease the physical body during pregnancy and in labour, strengthen the emotional mind as mums to be look forward with excitement. Daisy Birthing™ classes reassure the nervous mum with FEDANT approved teachers and ultimately provide helpful ‘easy to follow and understand’ natural birth education... the best investment a new mum can make for her body, birth and baby. Just email [email protected] and have you liked:


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