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I work with many children who have difficulty mastering handwriting. Handwriting is an important skill that children need to learn despite the increasing use of computers. Children spend much of their day writing and it is important that they develop a comfortable way of holding their pen or pencil.

Some children struggle with handwriting and this when they are often referred to an occupational therapist or a specialist teacher. Children who struggle with their handwriting may feel distressed and frustrated, which in turn may lead to very poor self esteem.

I created the Magic Link Handwriting Programme. A logical, systematic step- by step, handwriting programme which can be used for children from primary to secondary school age. It encourages the child to write in a flowing, natural style. Handwriting soon becomes significantly tidier and clearer. Application of my programme has consistently proved successful in ensuring a smooth transition between print and a simple, but highly presentable cursive style. It enables the child to write neatly with confidence and pride.

Please see website: www.magiclinkhandwriting.com

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