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scrapbook iconWhat is the practical use of a smart watch?

In men, wrist watches have always been an indicator of the status and material well-being of their owner. Women viewed them as an elegant addition to a dress. But times are changing, and modern watches are no longer what they were before. The development of high technology has led to the fact that mechanical accessories began to give way to electronic
After 2010, the so-called smart watches (from the English “smart watch” - literally “smart watches”) - wrist gadgets in the form of watches, the functionality of which is comparable to communicators, became especially popular. They connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can work in conjunction with it - display notifications, control the camera, etc. Also for smart watches, there are own app stores, with which you can teach your watches new useful functions.
A smart watch is not just an accessory, it is a smart gadget designed to perform a wide range of daily operations. Let's take a closer look at the most useful ones.
Display notifications
Most users call this feature main in the smartwatch. The ability to quickly view a message and assess its importance, without getting the smartphone out of your pocket, allows you not to be distracted from work. Because of this, the smart watches have pleased a wide range of people - businessmen, athletes, office workers and many others.

Saving smartphone charge
Each activation of the display of the smartphone discharges its battery, and with a smart watch you do not have to contact the smartphone as often as before. With their help, you can answer a call, read or send a message, get directions in the navigator. All this reduces the load on the paired smartphone and saves its charge.

Sports activities
Smart watches can act as a fitness tracker. Almost all models are able to calculate the number of steps taken and the heart rate. For morning jogging or amateur classes in the gym this is quite enough.

If a smartphone is one of your work tools, then a smart watch will be a great addition to it. They will remind you of important events in a tight work schedule, help you dial a voice note, send a message, and even quickly find a smartphone that was lost somewhere in a workplace disorder.

GPS-equipped smart watches are a real find for travelers. They quickly calculate the location, pave the route to a given point, indicate the direction - that is, cope with the main tasks of any navigator. At the same time, the GPS operation in the watch does not depend on the paired smartphone. So, being in an unfamiliar area, you can not get a mobile phone from your pocket or even leave it at the hotel if you are afraid for its safety.

Most models of smart watches are equipped with a media player function. You can upload tracks directly to the internal memory and listen to them using a Bluetooth headset. Also, using a smart clock, you can control the player installed on your smartphone.

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