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In this world of leading innovation and automation, the life of a graduate has become diluted. There’s always been a barrier between the recruiters and the candidates looking for a job.
Though there are many platforms available on the internet, candidates are finding it really harder to get a job. We at have determined to set a platform which aims to deplete the layer between the candidates and the job recruiters. It serves as a direct window between them, making useful information to be shared thoroughly and more precisely to the correct audience.
The rate of graduation have been increasing every year but there are no vacancies to cope with that passing percentage. We at the Netmyjob provide you with some features which enhance and stimulates your growth as a successful person in the society.

We have you covered with every corner of the country, blended every single unique profile within our website. We have made your search more simple by bringing all the opportunities on a single platform, provides you with six different variants of job search.

Just search for a job gives you nothing unless you can please the recruiter to pick your profile. Resume Screening is one of the powerful features provided, along with the Job posting service which is very helpful for the recruiters looking for a perfect candidate. Put your CV on our website and get details of all the free job postings. For all the job seekers, Netmyjob is the best job search site with its huge database covering every educational profile available in the market. The carrier opportunities we provide are trustworthy. We aim to become your career finder in every aspect of your job search. Do not be worried if you are not a job holder, we have your hands held tightly giving you all the job search tips to enrich your profile.

If you are on the brink of your graduation, be ready to face the realities of the society and I particularly mean the reality of the job portals available. We are a step ahead filtering all the results and providing only with genuine results. You may feel that we are boasting ourselves too much, then check it yourselves. Be a member of and enjoy all the features we provide, which include resume screening, job posting for recruiters. From the recruiter’s point of view, it is the best site where they can find powerful and most useful candidates from all over India. With all these factors I can firmly advise everyone to be a part of our Netmyjob society and become a great person in the society.

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