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Currently learning 3 things: (updated October 2011)

1. Aikido at the London Isshinkai Dojo.

It is a metaphor of my life. I have been practicing with the London Dojo of my teacher Denis Burke Sensei, who I recommend extremely highly. Each week my learning is focused in a new place. I love working out where the challenges I have on the mat reflect what I am experiencing in my life. This goes so deep and is so practical at the same time!

2. Also learning how to run a a small organisation. There is so much to learn but my learning edge currently is about defining roles for people
who are new to the organisation. Not used to telling people what to do and don't like that at all. But am being required to specify what needs doing, and that is quite challenging for me. I am more used to an environment in which people show up and do what they want to do :-)

3. Meditation. Going to go on a silent retreat soon.

Looking for: people to learn with, collaboration and interesting things.

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Brixton, London, United Kingdom

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