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Since becoming a Reiki Master in 2004, JenniRay has taught the Reiki Healing System to over 500 people. Prior to that, she spent 20 years working in statutory and voluntary care services. Her training and qualifications include: counselling, shamanism, N.L.P and a social work degree. Jenni has 30+ years experience developing and delivering Personal Growth Programmes for people of all ages and abilities

“Upon first hearing about Reiki, I dismissed it as a new-age hippy scam! Thanks to a dear friend’s persistence, I agreed to a course of Reiki Healing treatments, which cured the cronic condition I had been suffering. Having experienced for myself the efficacy of Reiki, I began to look for a Reiki Master to train me. It took several years to find one who wasn’t a flaky hippy! Jill Thomson attuned, guided and supported me to Master Degree during the period 2002-2004.

In 2004 I retired from social work and dedicated my time to sharing the gift of Reiki. Initially I worked with Holistic Medicine students at Chichester College, then with children with ADHD. This had been my area of expertise in social services and if someone had taught me Reiki as a child…well, let’s just say life would have been very different! Whilst working with the ADHD charity I did Reiki Healing treatments and Guided Meditation aboard a canal boat. The efficacy of both Reiki and Meditation seemed enhanced by the environment afforded by the boat. This experience inspired me to sell my home and start a new life aboard narrowboat Sanctuary.

Whilst living aboard, I came to realise, this is a very Buddhist lifestyle. Whilst discussing this with my Reiki Master, she suggested a deeper understanding of Buddhism would deepen my understanding of Reiki. Allowing myself to be guided by both Reiki and Buddhism has enhanced my life, and my work as a Reiki Master."

Contact me via or call/text 07788552374.


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