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scrapbook iconMusicians' social network with free sheet music

Just stumbled on 8Notes, a UK-based social network for musicians. You can upload your own music, share and download sheet music, and talk to other musicians via a lively forum.

They have a good-sized collection of not very printable musician jokes too. When I was learning classical violin many, many moons ago it was always viola jokes - from a quick glance round it looks like nothing much has changed...

scrapbook iconBeading Gem: how the Web is transforming crafts

I've been chatting to Pearl Blay, a beading craftswoman and teacher, about her passion for beads and how she uses the Web to pursue this.

scrapbook iconNational Guitar Workshop - friendly community for people wanting to learn guitar

Just came across this great online community for people learning or looking to learn guitar. It's run by Jason Shadrick of US-based National Guitar Workshop, and is powered by Ning.

When I signed up to take a look round (I'm always interested in communities of people teaching and learning) the founder friended me immediately (and not as an automatic response either. And he messaged me back too!

So if you're after a friendly online guitar community, go check it out.

scrapbook iconI'm now learning yoga with Anja Lange

I've been looking for a new yoga teacher in the Brixton or Streatham area for a while. None of the yoga classes I'd found were quite right - too far away, too early in the evening, or not quite the right style. So I was dead chuffed when Anja Lange posted a new vinyasa yoga flow class just up the road from my house. I used to be an ashtanga yoga addict, but have let my practice slide in the last year as I've been working so hard; vinyasa flow yoga, is a bit different but really enjoyable - and it's nice to vary my practice from the strict ashtanga yoga sequence for a change.

I've been going for a few weeks now, and am definitely feeling the effects!

Anja's yoga teaching profile is here:

scrapbook iconTractor drum machine

Free Guitar Videos blog has a lovely video of some chaps using a tractor engine as a drum machine for their jam.


scrapbook iconThe Black Cab Sessions

Just spotted Black Cab Sessions, a site where sometimes quite famous musicians play a song while riding around in the back of a taxi.

What else could be simplified by happening in the back of a taxi? Siestas, meetings, more?

scrapbook iconToday I learned...

- That it's cheaper to get from Biggleswade to London at peak rate than I thought
- That Google has lots of tools to help you advertise using their stuff
- That not wearing socks is a bad idea in British August
- That Wednesday is an odd day to come back after a holiday.


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