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scrapbook iconTai Chi Wisdom at Tai Chi Caledonia

The 5 Section Yang Style curriculum was devised to enable students to learn the basics of a range of Tai Chi subjects in a shorter amount of time. The first form is an empty hand form and has only 20 movements rather than the 108 of the Traditional Long Form. Students then progress to a Two-Person Applications Form which allows them to understand the purpose of Tai Chi as a Martial Art. next comes Tai Chi sword, fun and elegantly beautiful it is also great to practice the Two-Pweerson Sword Form and enjoy this art with someone else. To finish off this series of Forms we then study a short Chen Style form which gives an overview of another, very different, style of Tai Chi. Within the time it often takes students to understand the long form in any depth, this series of forms means students have progressed much deeper into the complex and rewarding art of Tai Chi.


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