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Stitch London are London's feisty but friendly knitting group taking over the city we love one stitch at a time, like a radioactive Godzilla with sticks and string.

Who? Everyone is welcome. Everyone. Members range from 16 to 60 (and beyond). Any class, race, hug, stitching skill (we love crochet just as much), job, or background. Wallflowers, vixens, vikings, mild-mannered librarians, superheroes, goths, grannies. Beginners welcome (we teach for free). Masters welcome (show us something we don't know). Inbetweeners welcome too. Cross stitch, crochet, spinning - we're multi-craft.

Where? Our central London venue changes weekly. It is always somewhere in central London and always near transport home. Join our mailing list to find out where we'll be three weeks in advance.

What if I can't knit? Do not fear. We'll teach anyone for free. Not just the basics either. Whatever we know, we'll pass on to you. Bring your needles, yarn, evil confusing pattern, or horribly messed up knit, and ask us. Go on.

When? Every single week at 6 pm till late. Turn up when ever you like. We'll be there.

How much? Not a penny. Stitch London is completely free.

What? Simply put we knit in public every week. We teach learners for free. We laugh till it hurts. We fend off the humdrum and stride purposefully away from the rat race in search of good stitching, good bitching, and whereever possible good cake/wine/tea/coffee/beer/mezze/you get the idea.

To join us go to

Looking for: networking and collaboration.


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