Lynn Serafinn is an award-winning transformation coach, book promotion coach, talk radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. Known widely as a “spiritual marketing guru”, Lynn also works as a promotion manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced many top-selling book campaigns, including several #1 sellers. A dynamic coach and workshop leader, she is dedicated to helping everyone discover their inner hero and to express their true Self through their lives, relationships and their work. Her highly anticipated book, The 7 Graces of Marketing will be released in mid 2011.

In addition to her current work, Lynn's background includes many years in the music industry, and has been everything from a professional symphony violinist and opera singer, to east-west fusion musician and #1 electronic trance musician. She co-owned and operated her own studio and record label for 10 years in the US, and was the recipient of the Microsoft UK Innovative Teacher of the Year 2005 for her cutting-edge work with music techology students. Her business Create-a-Life has been voted one of the "Top 10 Most Loved Businesses in Bedford" and she received the 2009 Bedfordshire Businesswomen Award for working withing the community for her work with the Transition Town network for a sustainable future.

Lynn also has a vast spiritual foundation, and studied the Indian Vedic literatures for more than two decades, and spent extended time in India studying both music and spirituality. These days, she amalgamates the vast range of her experiences into a single, holistic approach that operates on the premise that every human being is already the hero of his/her own life.

Her company "Spirit Authors" was founded to offer online training, coaching, business building, free tips and community to mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring.


Certified Co-Active Coach
Co-Active Leadership Graduate
Master of Adult Education and Distance Learning
Relationship Coaching
Book Promotion
Online Marketing
Ethnomusicology (world music)
Music/Music Tech
Audio engineering
Classical violin/singing
Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit
Vedic spiritual texts

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