The Musical Box is a purpose built builing containing three studios Tim Kirkham is the owner and he is the main Drums man! TMB have a team of teachers who also work at the studio and in schools teaching drums, guitar, bass and keys. We are hoping to add Vocal coaching this year too. Tim has been in bands since his early teens and still plays live as much as he can but The Musical Box is his main priority. We Have a philosophy at TMB that learning an instrument is great but to play with other musicians is also part of the point of learning. Sharing what you have learnt by performing or taking part in a 'Band day' and rehearsing with others is also great fun and helps develop your chosen instrument further. One-to-one lessons are what we offer but we also have extra activities during holidays etc where playing together is the focas. Fun and achievement is the motivation we use. Exams are available to those who want their achievements recognised in a qualification but are not compulsorary.

Looking for: teachers, people to learn with, networking and collaboration.


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