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Lawrence Tydd:
I started martial arts after watching Bruce Lee and Van Damme films like a lot of people.

I first trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu when I was 13 years old. I studied religiously for 4 years and gained black belt status. However I found out that the techniques didn’t work in real life situations after being involved in a street fight. Performing fixed forms and punching the air doesn’t cut it when you’ve got a guy trying to hit you with a road sign!! From then I started training in more full contact martial arts such as MMA, Judo, Thai Boxing. This was as real as it could get but it was still training for sport and not the street.

I was after more self defence so I researched and found out about Kapap. I went through rigorous training to qualify as a Kapap instructor under Avi Nardia who was a member of the Israeli counterterrorist team the YAMAM. Kapap was great but was a bit mental learning how to fire a handgun which is not very appropriate in the UK. This was not the self defence system I was looking for; I didn’t fancy being locked up for gun possession.

I have been training personally with Peter for several years and I have truly never experienced such realistic training and practical techniques. I was so impressed with my first lesson on knife defence that then and there I knew this was the system for me. Only after an hour of practising the technique I felt confident that if I was attacked by a knife, my survival would be much greater. Urban Self Protection is a complete system covering everything that martial arts don’t teach like how to do first aid on yourself if you’ve been stabbed, or how to pull your unconscious friend out of danger and how to protect your home from a robbery. USP is more than just self defence moves; it’s about protecting you and your family. USP is easy to learn, the techniques are retainable with little training, it works under extreme pressure and it combats the most common threats today in the UK. I feel very privileged to be the first USP Black Belt.


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