Based in the West Midlands, Vocanics (Vocal-Mechanics) offers expert singing tuition and developmental workshops.

With an emphasis on delivering the safest and most effective vocal training, the aim is to provide a massive learning ground to all those with a desire to sing better and see measurable results.



Joanne is a qualified dance teacher and professional Vocal Coach throughout the UK and overseas. With a professional dance background Joanne worked as a singer/dancer for TV choreographer Alan Harding in production shows throughout the UK, in addition to P&O Cruises and in multiple function bands for Bourne Leisure and Warner Holidays.

The inspiration to teach stemmed from personal experience of developing nodules. ‘I was living and working in London and had worked incredibly hard to find an agent to help me get better auditions for West End shows. I will never forget the feeling of your whole life being on hold. I look back now and see it as a great learning experience, but at the time it really knocked my confidence.’

In 2009 Joanne became a certified ‘Speech Level Singing’ instructor. Vocanics was created on the mission to provide the safest and most effective vocal tuition. 2012 marked huge progression when Joanne was hand selected to join an International Network of top Industry Professionals. In 2013 she became Operations Director for a global network of Voice Instructors founded in Los Angeles. The VocalizeU Teacher Network houses a collection of some of the most highly trained voice teaches world wide.

The Method
Vocology in Practice is a multidisciplinary technique based on the art and science of singing and the Vocology method of singing. The Vocology method is focused on bringing out your individual and unique sound in the healthiest way possible. VIP has a single, unified understanding of the science behind how the voice works. Why? Because it helps you to sing better!
VIP is here to promote and develop your artistry. With a huge network of knowledge to draw from, our student centered approach keeps us focused on the task at hand: Your goals. Your issues. Your artistic vision.

Vocology itself is a study of the voice that when put into practice, helps a person gain more vocal strength and fitness. Vocology itself is a term conceived by otolaryngologist Ingo Titze. Titze defines Vocology as “the science and practice of voice habilitation.” In this context, “to habilitate” means to “enable” or “equip for;” Titze places a strong emphasis is placed on habilitation.

From Pop to jazz to Musical Theatre, we understand the different nuances..

Our expert knowledge enables us to work specifically with multiple styles of singing. From commercial pop to musical theatre to opera, we understand the difference between the nuances that exist in different styles of singing .

Lessons are available in person and online via Skype.

‘There is no typical student. The more diverse, the more I learn. I am currently working with signed artists, nervous beginners and singers recovering from vocal injury.

Singing is universal. Regardless of your end goal or artistic interpretation, if the focus is to achieve the most from your voice, we will always have a common ground to work from. ‘
Joanne Cresswell.

Vocanics operates alongside it's sister company 'The Pencil Rooms' to create more opportunity for the aspiring singer:

In 2012 Joanne created The Pencil Rooms: a subsidiary company of vocanics aimed at creating more professional opportunity for singers throughout the UK outside of London. The Pencil Rooms is an artist development company for singers, songwriters and performing artists throughout the UK. The Pencil Rooms hosts a mentor team of industry professionals including award winning songwriters, Vocal Coaches for The Voice UK and Lead West End Performers. The Pencil Rooms provides expert knowledge in the fields of singing, songwriting, musical theatre and artist development.
The Pencil Rooms focuses around artist development in three areas: singing, songwriting, musical theatre. It also boasts a collective room. The Collective Room works in connection with independent radio stations. By process of determination we invest our time in the creative talent and growth of individuals demonstrating great proficiency. We actively align professional opportunities and seek to create work on behalf of members of the collective room.

The name stems from the freedom that a pencil brings to creativity… When you use a pencil, you instinctively have more freedom, because you are not approaching something with the view to make perfection – you are approaching it with the view to get stuck in, get messy and not fear the mistakes, because the nature of a pencil is you can erase. We want our artists to adopt this philosophy. To calve their careers as if they were holding a pencil, with complete freedom to create.

"The workshops are great opportunities for singers to meet, learn and gain critique from Industry Professionals, including West End Performers, Songwriters, Producers, and some of the UK’s most sort after Vocal Instructors. We also run regular ‘choir’ based workshops for those who simply wish to enjoy an afternoon of singing."
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‘Your voice is living. Look after it!’

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